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The Future

The Future
The Future Aug 02

We would rather die than 3D-scan our bodies

Naked Labs' 3D Body Scanner is like Juicero but for your eyes.

The Future Aug 02

The Sphinx: a Soviet-era, retrofuture smart home dream

Where my real industrial design heads at?

The Future Aug 01

We haven’t figured out how to handle online conspiracies

But erring on the side of not giving them outsized attention is probably the way to go

The Future Jul 31

Facebook deleted a real D.C. protest that began as a false flag

A “bad actor” may have started it, but did “No Unite the Right 2 – DC” become real once actual American protesters got involved?

The Future Jul 31

Climate change disappeared 88 percent of the world’s biggest penguin colony

Even the most isolated creature on earth is not safe.

The Future Jul 31

Ticketing app AXS scrapes everything it can get from your phone

Seeing your favorite band live will probably cost you more in data than in dollars.

The Future Jul 30

Twitter announces stage one in the plan to eventually have a plan to fix Twitter

Unfortunately it involves academic research teams and not banning Nazis.

The Future Jul 29

Get a glimpse of futurism that critiqued the future

The Italian radical architecture movement was WILD in the ’70s.

The Future Jul 28

Lonely, anxious narcissists are at high risk of Facebook addiction

Yet more evidence that no one should use Facebook ever.

The Future Jul 27

When tech companies expand without a plan, people pay the price

Tech companies are rushing to expand internationally, but often without a plan for managing fake news, extreme fringe content, hate speech, and political unrest that stirs up on their platforms.

The Future Jul 27

Twitter needs an “undo” button

Editing tweets is too much, but we need to create some space for self-reflection in this content tornado.

The Future Jul 27

MoviePass is so broke it had to borrow $5 million just to keep the lights on

Brb gonna see 37 movies in a row before they go under.

The Future Jul 27

What I want is a single buffalo wing

We can choose anything in the modern food delivery economy — except this.

The Future Jul 27

Nightmare disorder makes waking life hellish too

For those who suffer chronic nightmares, relief can be difficult to find.

The Future Jul 26

How to sign away the rights to your DNA

All it takes is one click!

The Future Jul 26

The ocean has a wilderness, and it’s disappearing

We are destroying parts of the ocean we’ve never seen with our own eyes.

The Future Jul 26

Amazon’s facial recognition tool claims 28 Congresspeople have been arrested

Facial recognition is cheap and not regulated, and you get what you pay for, apparently.

The Future Jul 25

InfoWars is the hill that tech companies are choosing to die on

How is Alex Jones still on YouTube and Facebook?

The Future Jul 25

Military AI is coming

In an unprecedented move for the DoD, he 2019 National Defense Authorization Act allocates millions toward organizing the development and deployment of AI in war.

The Future Jul 25

Huge underground lake found on Mars

Someone cue up that David Bowie song.