Tomorrow 119: Naomi Fry knows John Mayer*

*well kinda

Tomorrow 119: Naomi Fry knows John Mayer*

*well kinda

This week we're giving you a super-sized episode of Tomorrow to make up for last week's rerun. You're welcome!

For the first half of the show, Josh has gone missing – and it's up to Ryan and producer Wynton Wong to put together the pieces and find him before it's too late. After talking about ICE, Carrie Bradshaw, and the hairstyles of con artists, they finally get around to doing so.

Then our beloved Josh returns to chat with Naomi Fry, a celebrated staff writer of The New Yorker, about Spencer Pratt, John Mayer, and John Mayer. They also talk a bit about John Mayer.

Ah, it's good to be back.


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