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We finally have data about the number of LGBT people in the military

The Sphinx: a Soviet-era, retrofuture smart home dream

Young Thug is promoting his new album ‘Slime Language’ with live snakes

Finally, gaming comes to Lollapalooza

Climate change disappeared 88 percent of the world’s biggest penguin colony

Banning smoking in public housing is cruel and unnecessary

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How to beat LinkedIn: The Game

An ice shelf melts and the world’s sea levels gain an inch


the real hourly wage for U.S. Uber drivers

How does gentrification look from the other side of ‘Hamilton’?

‘Generation Wealth’ is a sprawling chronicle of decadence and decay

In the World Cup, celebrating a goal can be an act of political defiance


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NOBODY is talking about how the online depression community has been infiltrated by alt-right recruiters.

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How to sign away the rights to your DNA

Short albums are good

Alan Dershowitz should not have had friends to lose


Sex workers protest a post-Backpage world

With Facebook for Dating, you’re either out or way too far in

fountain of youth


Here are our favorite summer songs

Read this amazing Twitter history of Missy Elliott

Mayday, mayday! Who’s the winner of ‘Drag Race’?

A glimpse inside Autism Day at Six Flags

The music industry is built to boost artists like XXXtentacion

Elon Musk + Grimes


Twitter announces stage one in the plan to eventually have a plan to fix Twitter

MoviePass is so broke it had to borrow $5 million just to keep the lights on

The ocean has a wilderness, and it’s disappearing

InfoWars is the hill that tech companies are choosing to die on


The amount of money that the Department of Defense plans on investing in artificial intelligence in 2019.

Huge underground lake found on Mars

tragedy in laos

New dentist’s office tech could communicate your pain for you

Here’s what tech companies are spending to influence the government

Facebook, Amazon, Google, and others spent millions last quarter to influence Washington on a handful of specific issues.

By Paris Martineau

Single pollutants combine in the air like Voltron, may be making everything worse

If it was there for them, they thought it must be there for everyone. It wasn’t. That’s how targeted ads can work.


of all people who die from heat in New York are black

How to go on when the world is sinking

A trip to Montgomery’s lynching memorial on the Fourth of July

This map shows the surprising number of fake abortion clinics in NYC


Already have a cushy job? Here’s $10,000 to move to Vermont